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Oxy Lean by Havoc Nutrition

oxyleanOxy Lean is marketed as an energy boosting, appetite suppressant which helps increase metabolism which results in a decrease of total body fat.  The claim that Havoc Nutrition is making with Oxy Lean is that with proper diet and exercise the contents of Oxy Lean can and will help with weight loss, appetite suppression, mental focus and it can even help with mood enhancement.  Oxy Lean is a supplement created to increase energy levels which in turn will increase metabolism and aid in weight loss and in reduction of total body fat. Oxy Lean works best when a proper diet is maintained paired with regular exercising.  The energy boost Oxy Lean provides is not followed by the usual crash experienced after taking high doses of caffeine.


Green Tea:

Green tea has been used in treating weight control, weight loss, energy supplements and appetite suppressants.  The green tea extract provides the same amount of caffeine without having as much as an effect on the body’s systems meaning that the benefits of caffeine without the jittery effects that some people experience when taking high amounts of caffeine.  Green tea is naturally loaded with antioxidants which help improve immune system functions.

Garcinia Cambogia- Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA):

The HCA is found in a small pumpkin-like fruit Garcinia Cambogia.  This fruit is most often found in India or Southeast Asia.   HCA helps block citrate lyase which is present in the body.  Citrate lyase plays a role in converting carbohydrates into fat.  HCA helps prevent unused carbs into energy instead of fat.  However, in order for the HCA to work to its full potential, a high carb diet must be maintained in order for the carbs to be turned into energy instead of fat.

L-Carnitine Carnitine:

Has been shown to help in the metabolism of fatty acids in the muscle providing energy, increasing stamina and endurance by in sparing glycogen stores and it enhances fat utilization during exercise.  L-Carnitine provides the body with essential amino acids which have been shown to increase brain function, improve kidney function by increasing red blood cell production.  L- Carnitine has also been proven to boost endurance during athletic performance.


  • The product is simple and has effective ingredients
  • Increases energy and results in easier weight management, curbing appetite while burning body fat.


  • No clinical studies to show results for this specific product.
  • There is not much information available about this product or the company Havoc Nutrition


Because Oxy Lean’s claim is focused toward this thermogenic fat burner as an energy boost which will result in weight loss and fat reduction.  Oxy Lean accomplishes it’s guarantee by improving appetite control which helps weight management by stopping binging and consumption of unwanted calories.  An increase in lean muscle mass will be noticed as fat is burned and lean muscle is revealed. Each bottle comes with 60 tablets and the recommended dose is between 1-3 depending on tolerance levels of the product.


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