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What is Leptin X?

Leptin X says it is a patented formula that helps reduce leptin levels in the body.  It also claims to woman-measuring-waist-300x198reduce body fat and body weight while reducing hip, waist and thigh circumference.  They even say it regulates the key “fat” hormones leptin and adiponectin.  Leptin was discovered over 20 years ago and scientists thought they had a cure for obesity but it has never panned out to be clinically effective.  Leptins are called the hunger hormone or obesity hormone.  They found that when you have chronically elevated leptons it points to a problem with leptin resistence.   This condition in which your body isn’t responding to this hormone’s command your brain can not tell you when you are full which leads to weight gain.  I have a friend whose child has this problem.  The brain receptors do not tell them when they are full so they would eat forever if the parents did not monitor the eating.  In fact they have had to put locks on the pantry and the refrigerator just to keep them from sneaking into those when they are not home or in another area of the house.  This child is already a hundred pounds overweight and they know that this child could eat themselves to death.  You know that is a serious problem!  Leptin X says their fat burner formula controls these leptin levels but it has not been clinically proven.  Let’s find out more.

Leptin X Ingredients

  • Acacia Gum—known as acacia rigidula is a mood lifter and works as a natural amphetamine.  But acacia has nothing to do with leptin.
  • Esterfield Fatty Acids—some fatty acids improve heart health, others improve skin and most are considered important in our diets. But not clinically proven to control leptins or weight loss.


  • Is there really any pros?  Can’t think of any


  • No clinical studies to prove effectiveness
  • No money back guarantee
  • Third party website

Leptin X Conclusion

The ingredients in Leptin X are a proprietary blend of the two ingredients listed above and they say it can’t be found in any other weight loss product.  Frankly, it is a good thing since it really does seem to be effective as a diet pill.  They claim that after 7 years of research the University of Minnesota awarded a US patent to the active ingredient in Leptin X.  Plain and simple there are no clinical trials that prove that Leptin X is an effective diet pill.  It is only sold by a third party website and does not give you any money back guarantees so if you are not happy with the diet pill you are out of luck.  If a product were any good it would have a money back guarantee so this gives you another clue that it is not the best on the market.  Since there are so many other good fat burners out there it would be much smarter to look for one that really does the job for you.


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