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Beta Burn Fat Burner Review

What is Beta Burn Fat Burner?

betaburnfat burnerWeight loss is something that many people struggle with and it is a constant battle.  Some people are winning and some people  are giving up because it seems like nothing is working.  How many times have you gone on a diet just to get discouraged a few weeks later when all you have lost is money?  Or how many times have you lost weight only to gain it back after a few months of going off your diet?

Does it seem like a roller coaster effect physically and mentally?  Those who struggle with weight issues are always trying to find what works best for them.  Some even give up on the whole idea of dieting because they have seen no success and see it as a waste of time.  We all know being overweight is not good for our health and it can cause serious health issues in the future and limits us in the things we can do.  However, success can come in many ways.  Some can do it by diet alone, some combine that with exercise and they find success and then there are others that find that they even need more help than just diet and exercise.

We have all heard the horror stories of the weight loss pills that had ephedra contained in them and deaths that were caused by some of these weight loss pills.  That is why many people have turned to natural herbal supplements that help in weight loss.  There are many out there that can be effective and really be helpful.  We just need to filter through the good and the bad.

Beta Burn Fat Burner is a thermogenic fat burner that claims it burns fat, tones muscles and boost metabolism.  Let’s see what is inside this fat burner and see if it worth trying.

Beta Burn Fat Burner Ingredients

There is a proprietary blend of ingredients:

  • Beta Alanine–says it is clinically proven to burn fat and promote lean muscle growth
  • Irvingia Gabonensis–clinically proven to burn fat, suppress your appetite, and lower LDL cholesterol
  • Green Tea Extract–boosts metabolism.  Has caffeine in it
  • Razberi-K Raspberry Ketones–clinically proven to prevent weight gain.  It has the ability to absorb fat and increase the breakdown of fat cells
  • Maqui Berry–thought to give you a slight metabolism boost
  • Ginger Root Powder–thought to aid in digestion


  • Says you do not need diet and exercise to be successful on this fat burner
  • Has some common fat burner ingredients in its formula


  • No clinical evidence this fat burner works
  • Pricey


Beta Burn Fat Burner is one of those thermogenic fat burners that sounds good but may not have much to them.  With having a proprietary blend of ingredients you never know if you are getting the right dosage of ingredients in a formula.  If it is not strong enough it does no good.  Besides, it is on the pricey side, at $54.99.  With no clinical evidence that this formula works it would be wise to look on this website and see what they recommend and what top rated fat burners are out there.


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